Angry Birds Meets Higher Ed: Digital Education Finally Comes of Age

The second event in San Diego MIT Enterprise Forum’s new panel forum format “Angry Birds Meets Higher Ed:  Digital Education Finally Comes of Age” will be held November 13.  What do a popular video game with chirping birds and an online college course taken by tens of thousands of students have in common?  Besides large amounts of caffeinated soda and corn chips… the answer is gamification.  Today, gamified processes are being used all around us and are starting to impact our businesses and personal lives.  Whether it’s a limited time coupon, an app to motivate us to lose weight or learn a new language, or a MOOC (Massive Online Open Course), gamification has uses for consumers from 2 to 99. Continue reading

“Big Bang” Review

Last week’s event marked a new format for the San Diego MIT Enterprise Forum – an interview-style discussion took place with three CEOs from the medical device industry.  There were two main talking points: “What was the ‘Big Bang’ moment where you realized your idea had the ability to change lives?” and “How am I going to fund this thing?”  Three of the take-home lessons from the evening, at least for me, revolved around establishing milestones, proving commercial feasibility, and managing investor relations.  But before I get ahead of myself and start summarizing the evening, allow me to set the stage on who presented: Continue reading

Creating Your Big Bang: How 3 CEOs Are Doing It

MITEF San Diego will introduce the new CEO Panel Discussion format with the October 17th program “Creating Your Big Bang:  How 3 CEOs are Doing It.”   The CEO panelists include:

Mark McWilliams, CEO of Medipacs
Craig Misrach, CEO of Freedom-Meditech
Keith Murphy, CEO of Organovo

The three CEOs, all of whom are from the medical device industry, will participate in a panel discussion that will be moderated by Gail Naughton, CEO and Chairman, Histogen, Inc.  The discussion will focus around questions such as: Continue reading

Tradition as a Foundation for Innovation

The Merriam Webster Dictionary describes tradition as:

MIT Enterprise Forum has a long tradition of educating, networking and community among business leaders, technologists, and capital and service providers. Its long-standing practice is to use a case study methodology to discuss the business issues of leading technology and life sciences companies in a public forum. Under this methodology, a CEO presents an issue facing his/her company before a panel of advisors (also invited to participate) who offer recommendations to uncover valuable insights for presenting companies. Continue reading

Hit the Brakes

This is my first time writing for the San Diego MIT Enterprise Forum, so I thought I’d take the chance to make a quick introduction. My name is Drew Beal, and I am a Full-time MBA at the Rady School of Management, UCSD. I attended my first MITEF event in May of this year – the Tech Fiesta. What a great program for a first impression! But before I arrived, I was clueless as to what type of setting to expect at one of these events. My confusion was only compounded as I tried to navigate the Salk Institute for the first time. Upon walking in, however, I instantly felt at ease. I was greeted at the welcome table, presented with a name card, and proceeded to visit the tables of each company that was presenting that evening. I’ll always remember MOGL because it was the first table I approached, and I was immediately blown away by the business model they had developed. Not only did I become a MOGL user right then and there, but an MITEF member as well. By chance, I sat at a table with Continue reading